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A Guide To Modern Implant Prosthetics

A introduction to dental implantology

  • high-quality: cloth-bound with a bookmark
  • more than a 1000 large-sized images and 22 impressive case studies
  • one detailed documented case study on DVD

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About the author and the book:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Lang has founded the International Education Centre for Dental Implantology IFZI in Nuremberg, Germany, in the year 1995. More than 5000 dentists from all over the world have been educated here in Implantology.
During his long career in dental Implantology the author has many inventions to his name and several patents in this field. In the year 1998 he has invented the Sinus-Implant-Stabiliser (SIS) which is used in dental Implantology worldwide today. The Swing-Lift instrument set was also developed in the same year.
The milestone in his professional career in dental Implantology is surely marked by the patent of the Sky-Implant-System in the year 2002. The Sky-Implant-System today is successfully distributed by Bredent medical, Senden, Germany, in more than 50 countries. In the year 2009 more than 50 000 Sky Implants were inserted worldwide.
The most important development for the future of dental implantology will of course be the „Implant Phantom Simulator“. This is the practical implant-surgical and also prosthetic training on the artificial patient. It took more than three years until the according models and the structured training programme in four modules was ready to be use in practice of the dental Implantology education. Only in the years 2006 to 2009 over 400 dentists could be trained worldwide. It is only a question of time until this concept will be integrated in the pre- and post-graduate training in German Universities and in the Curricula of the respective associations of dental Implantology. This training on the phantom has been successfully established into student education in foreign Universities – for example in Poznan (Poland).
The latest invention in dental Implantology from the year 2009 – a sinus-retractor – compliments the specially combined instrument set according to Professor Lang with 20 parts for the implant surgery some years ago. The wound retractor optimises working efficiency during sinus-lift surgery for the assistant and also makes the whole intervention more clear and secure.
All in all it should be mentioned that the new version of the classification of dental implantology which were concluded during the Consensus Conference in 1997 in Frankfurt and is literally based on his concept. Thus, the former indication classes of dental implantology according to Professor Brinkmann have been replaced.

From the content
•    An introduction to implant prosthetics
•    Surgical training at the phantom
•    Planning the implant
•    Classification for dental implantology
•    Gingival management, implant splinting, cementation, tooth-connection bonding bridge
•    Prosthetic training on the phantom
•    Patient cases

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